This week, over your morning coffee, I’m going to take a moment for some shameless self-promotion. I work for a New Zealand magazine called New Idea (and for those of you who don’t know), I’m the fashion editor. Recent, at New Idea headquarters, we have been working on a special edition of our weekly rag. And the best bit? The issue has just hit stands all over NZ! It’s all our usual celebrity filled goodness, plus a flip fashion and beauty magazine. It has been amazingly fun to create for all our wonderful readers (like you).


Having cut my teeth for three years in the design department, getting to art direct this little section (which I did), and design the flip cover (yup, did that too) was huge for me. I loved every inch of it. I really appreciate that in New Zealand the publishing industry is so small, yet so incredibly supportive (on the whole), people get to try a whole variety of things. They get to see every teeny tiny step that goes into creating a magazine, and if they’re lucky, they can get to be a part of each of those processes. I am very lucky.

So, this Monday I don’t have any blues to banish, I’m happy as Larry with this little baby in my hands. But, if you are feeling the pangs of mondayitis, you should grab yourself a copy of this super special New Idea (New Zealand). Not only will it get you completely pumped for the new season, it will show you some super hot trends in both fashion and beauty and is packed with gorgeous pieces that you can go and buy right now. What could compliment that latte better? Absolutely nothing.

P.s. Check out my Instagram for a rather nifty video of the flip in its full flipping glory.



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