Ortolana. Go. Now.


Ortolana is a restaurant nestled in Auckand CBD. It has been right at the very top of my “places that I really, really, really want to eat at” list for forever! And hey presto, I managed to answer my foodie dreams and popped in for an amazing lunch with the boy and my folks on Saturday.

If you haven’t seen it, you must visit (or at least google it), not only does it have an outstanding menu, it is simply beautiful. Think exposed brick, billowing plant pots, contemporary chandeliers and a kitchen on full view. The brilliant bistro prides itself on “food fresh from the garden” and regularly updates its menu with the season.

But you know what excited me most? I ordered Paleo. Let me repeat that… I went out and ordered an amazing, fresh, colourful and immensely satisfying dish that fit completely into my strange lady eating plan. I don’t know I have ever been so excited (that may or may not be a complete exaggeration).

So, what did you order Miss Paleo (I hear you cry)? I grabbed soft folded egg with house-smoked mackerel, capers and greens. It usually comes on toast, but I asked the waiter to skip that for me and he was more than happy to help.


Soft folded egg with house smoked mackerel, capers and greens


Hereford carpaccio with celeriac and truffle


Dry cured pork with almonds, olives and ciabatta


The special of fish of the day (John Dory) on a bed of couscous, swede puree and radishes

Everyone loved the food. It was a great setting, a great menu and I can’t say enough how much I enjoyed it.

Seriously, go. Like right now.

What are you still doing here?


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