True love, new dresses and shouting.


So, this time next week it’s valentines day! And as much as I have a general disdain for days that get every woman’s hopes up and every man instantly in trouble for not living up to them, I do, however, like occasions in which I can pick out a new outfit (even if it is only mentally, due to lack of plans and lack of funds). 

Valentines day this year is extra special because we have a double excuse to spend time with those we love (and by “those we love”, i mean clothes – apologies to the boy). It’s a night of heading to a nice eatery with a man friend in a nice new dress or angry shouting with girlfriends over cocktails in a nice new dress (are you seeing the link here). It’s also the day Ruby’s latest collection hits sores on (I told you it was coming asap) and there are quite a few nice new dresses.

Get your v-day outfit sorted right here, right now (well, right…next Friday).

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I don’t know if you all know this, maybe you’ve read some of my blog post or something. (Or maybe you have been just ignoring blatantly). But… guys, guys, guys… I am moving overseas in T-Minus four weeks.


In 29 days I’m getting out of here (sorry mum).

One of the things involved in getting ready for this seriously giant adventure is selling (almost) everything I own. And I mean everything. My mismatched jar collection (that may or may not still have almond butter remittance in it), my scuffed green brogues that are pretty much children’s shoes (my feet are freaking tiny) and every handbag I own (sad face).

Don’t tell the boy or anything, but in the midst of all this selling, its hard for a gal like me not to decide what my next purchases will be. And the conclusion I came to?

Everything from the latest Ruby collection. And I mean freaking everything. There is nothing like your favourite designer making an amazing Pre-Fall collection to give you premature home sickness.

RubyMonday3 RubyMonday2

And the worst bit? The actual Autumn and Winter collections (images coming asap) are insanely amazing too.

But worse that that? All my money is going to be spent of Typhoid jabs and anti-diarrhoea pills, so there literally isn’t any spare change for me to frivolously spend on soothes I really don’t need. (I can actually hear the collective sigh coming from the boy, the bestie and the mum.)

So, on this Monday, my dreams are filled with white lace tops, vertical striped sweaters and knitwear. But my reality is a fridge full of DukOral and a very sore arm.


Ruby love and inspiration sandwiches.


I remember this time (a year or so ago) when Kate Sylvester created a dress called “Isobel”. I told my mother it was named after me. I told her I’d inspired it. I thought this was such a preposterous idea that mum would get the joke. But she didn’t. And for a while there she thought I’d indeed been a designer’s muse.

Do you think that trick will work again? Because I would be pleased as punch if Ruby designer Deanna Didovich was thinking of me when she created the magnificent Isabelle jumpsuit. I’m totally sure it was, right? The spelling is a bit off with my name… Deanna was just so in awe, and the inspiration was flowing, she totally didn’t mean to add an extra ‘LE’ at the end.


I kid, of course. Because Ruby’s latest mini collection is inspired by an Aussie actress, Isabelle Cornish. (Who, by the way, was crowned ‘Australia’s Sexiest Vegetarian’ earlier this year – valuable fact.) As disappointed as I am that I am not the namesake, I do find this small collection endearing, and enchanting. I love how Ruby does this time and again. Every year, every season, there are small piece stories that come seemingly out of nowhere. It makes me feel like the designers have so much to give, that they are so excited and full with ideas. Which makes me pretty keen to be a part of the endearing, enchanting, exciting, inspiration sandwich that is this brand.

So, forgive me for sounding like a broken record, but you should probably head online or in store on November 9th when this 15 piece strong collection comes out.

Oh, and I will fight you for the Isabelle playsuit. And I am feisty, so watch out.

RubyResort2 RubyResort4



I have a little bit of a thing for fashion label Ruby. So, this Monday I am dreaming of getting my mitts on their latest collection (hitting stores tomorrow). This is not your usual collection; Ruby has gathered their fifteen most loved pieces over the years and are recreating them. Ingenious!

Just like when you snag the perfect lipstick shade and get to the end of it only to find out MAC don’t make it anymore (yes, I am still dark about it). Ruby is answering your wishes and bringing back your loved styles in the Ruby Favourite campaign.

The problem? Now you have to decide which one you’ve missed most. Will it be the leopard coat (yes), the burgundy knits (yes, yes) or the mint green playsuit (yes, yes, yes). Looks like the only way to get over my Monday morning blues is to snap up the lot.


RubyMonday2 RubyMonday3 RubyMonday4

All images from the Ruby website.

Is it spring already?

I wish. I’m sitting here in two layers of knitwear, a pair of stockings with leggings over the top and some old ski socks (I know, I’m so chic, I tell you ski gear the next big thing). Before you start sounding like my parents – yes I do own a heater, and no I will not switch it on, because my money is reserved for much more important things, like shoes. Not heat.

However, even in the freezing temperatures, I like the hope that a new season of collections brings. Whether it be Chanel or Glassons I get excited at the prospecting of creating a new me, a me who will be glamorous, effortlessly chic and warm.

One particular collection I await every year, with bated breath, is Ruby.

Coming up for us this spring, and hitting shops in the coming weeks (starting on July 13th) is Ruby’s The End collection. “Drawing inspiration from the film ‘Plein Soleil’, and recent adaptation ‘The Talented Mr. Ripley,’ The End looks at the brighter side of these films, focusing on the beauty of the Ingénues at the heart of these stories, and the colliding American and Italian worlds.”



Basically its beautiful. And relaxed. And it does exactly what spring collections should do, it whisks you away to a little holiday in your head, where you walk the streets of Rome in that exact full length shirtdress and bow detail ballet flats. I love the prints, the stripes and the colour choices that manage to be both bold a soft all at once.

And these are just my must-have’s. There is so much more to the collection hitting the stores and online. Plus their other in label Liam. Oh, and high summer pieces.

I can practically feel that heater money being spent already – best grab another pair of socks.

RUBY The End Sweater Dress

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