The boy has started to make fun of my latest claim. You see, what used to be my excuse for shopping up large (“oh but I never have anything to wear”) has now been replaced with “that would be perfect for Asia”. Almost everything I spy can some how be slipped into my perfect travel wardrobe.

The latest at the tippy-top of my list is definitely a pair of humble shorts. But the dream shorts for Asia are quite different to your usual denim cut offs – oh yes. These shorts have to work for their place in my pack (well, they don’t really, they just have to look like they do, so I can sell the idea to the boy and not get the stink eye when I buy a new thing).

So what do these illusive perfect shorts have? They have a delicate but fun print to set off my newly emerging tan. They have a loose fit, with a tight waist (so I don’t have to worry about rearranging or dreaded sweat stuck clothes). They are short enough to keep the air flowing, but long enough to allow for some serious tramping (without showing my knickers). They need to be made of something super lightweight so that they can dry quick-slick AND they need to be so comfortable I forget I’m wearing them (in a feels-like-pjs way, not a shit-I-forgot-my-pants way).

So, when you discover those guys, can you chuck them my way? Because that would really pick me up out of my Monday morning funk.


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