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The month that was.


March has zipped by and I’m still not quite sure how I fitted everything in. Six different cities, eight modes of transport, one family reunion and (as always) way too much food. Follow me on Instagram here for what will continue to be a sneak peak of my adventures around Asia and India. With lots of food. Like lots.



It is summer for the southern hemisphere (although with the drizzle outside, you wouldn’t know it). Everyone is hitting up the beach, downing the beers and rocking the perfect ‘I just went for a swim, how amazing does my hair look’ ‘do.

Except me of course.

I spent the morning trawling the deserted CBD for a place that would fix my sever grump and give me coffee. Luckily I did find one small café willing to hand over the goods (and I rather gruffly told the barrister to make it with “full fat milk, not that skinny shit”). Although, it hasn’t picked me up out of my slump.

And, much like any normal person, I’m feeling sorry for myself and looking at my friends Instagram updates of sun, sand and celebrations. I’m sadistically sabotaging any chance of a good mood by pushing away happy thoughts (such as “ in a couple of months I’m off to travel the world, on a holiday without an end date”), and simply groaning and whinging about the fact that the boy has up sticks and left me alone to bring in 2014 by myself (with a bottle of gin and a Mad Men marathon*).

Where I wish myself, and my wardrobe, were on this lack lustre workday are the streets of Marrakech. Flaunting Aztec prints, floaty silk dresses and an abundance of bangles. This height-of-summer trend has my heart completely captivated.

MondayMarrakech2 MondayMarrakech3 MondayMarrakech4

The beach isn’t an option for me this New Years, but maybe, just maybe, the bright and bold beats of tribal tones will knock me out of my jealous haze and jolt me into a Monday mood that won’t leave my poor work mates gasping for air (after I talk AT them about how unfair it is that I have to work, when the world seems to be playing).

*I actually have some pretty amazing new years plans that involve my wonderful girlfriends, a 5-course dinner and too much red wine, that doesn’t sound so dramatically emo!

MondayMarrakech5 MondayMarrakech6

I’m off on a plane. But for now, I’m on a boat.


So, we’ve been dilly dallying here for a while now.

Flirting around.

You know I like boyfriend jeans, foods that cavemen would happily chow down on, and running (oh, and complaining about running). And I’m pretty convinced you’re fond of trawling the internet for odd peoples musings on life. We’re a few dates down, but we haven’t met the parents yet. So lets get to know each other a little. Lets get personal.

I’m going to tell you more about myself.

Like a huge number of other people in 1988, I was born in London town, and grew up there. Those who know me well are still shocked to find this out, because being shipped from your home town when you’re merely eight tends to lead to a loss of both English attitudes and accents. And sure enough, my distinct kiwis twang masks any possible remittance of my British heritage (a faint memory that only comes out to play when I talk to my mum on the phone).

Boat2 Boat3

But, despite having found my feet in New Zealand, they have got a bit itchy as of late, (and no, its not athletes foot), so the boy and I have decided to flee, making camp right back where it all began (and by “it”, I mean “me”). We are off, with a oneway ticket, to London (with hundreds of stops in small Asian countries on the way, so the boy can taste delicacies from the motherland of all of his favourite curry dishes).

It feels a lot like a break up.

I’m beginning to look through those rose tinted glasses and question the decision to walk away. We’ve come a long way, Auckland and I. I’ve spent the last few years building up my life here. Finding my dream job, furnishing my dream apartment and discovering the best brew for watching the sun go down (currently it’s peppermint tea).


This country is pretty amazing. Sitting here on the bow of a boat in nothing but a bikini (and bunny jumper) with the man of my dreams bobbing in and out of the waters around me in search of mussels* makes me wonder why anyone would ever leave. This small, but perfectly formed Island, isolated yet filled with everyone I love, will be missed greatly. Like a parent, it has fostered me into its shores and nurtured me. No matter where this life takes me, this bush filled beach land will have always taught me so much.

One of these invaluable lessons, however, is, that fear is both the best and worst feeling you can have. It’s up to you how you choose to use it. It can propel you forward, or keep you cowering back. So, with the (inevitable) fear that taking this leap from what I know, could (fingers crossed) come the best reward.

Life gets a bit scary some times. And, just like the first time (ok, ok, all the times) I watched Silence of the Lambs, my life is sending chills up my spin right now. In exactly 64 days the boy and I will take some pretty small steps though the departure gates of Auckland airport, but they will be the biggest steps of my life to date.

Boat4 Boat5

Its not that I don’t love this place, because I do, with every inch of who I am, but I feel (just like those oshkosh b’gosh pinstriped dungarees I loved so much when I was a kid) I’ve out grown it a bit.

So, this is not the end for Auckland and I, I see a brilliant life together in our future, but (to utter the words that play out in every teenage girls nightmare) I’ve decided to take a break from us.

I’m taking some time to find myself (or something less wanky).

I know its early days for you and me however (ok, now it sounds like I have cheated on Auckland with you, this metaphor has gotten a bit confuse, but i’m sticking with it), but I hope we can take this journey together.

*The boys secret for getting a good haul? Sing to them. No jokes. I don’t know if it works, but the muffled tones of Christmas carols just add to the magic of this moment.


Excel and pretty knickers at the ready.


I always wait with baited breath for good old Karen’s collections to come around. I’m not always heading for the credit card, or creating excel spread sheet budgets on how to both afford food and clothes (yes that is a real thing that I may or may not have done multiple times in the past) but I almost always find something to lust over. She is a fabulous kiwi designer and although I still wish that she would make her first collection shows a New Zealand affair (rather than a New York one) I grow more and more in love with her boxy, bold and crisp design aesthetic each season.

I think Karen Walker usually creates amazing prints and always produces them in gorgeous sweats or tees that are an easy way of getting a designer hit without selling your life on Ebay.

My lust for her latest resort collection has to be the amazing denim dress. With a dungaree feel, billowy skirt (the kind that would totally show your knickers if you twirled) and pockets, I think this is the ultimate dress for summer.

Now, where did I save that that spread sheet….

KarenWalker4 KarenWalker5 KarenWalker3 KarenWalker2

For the full collection go here.

JHo got me feelin’ feminine.


I’ve always had a soft spot for Miss Juliette. She was one of the first designers I watched in an actual (real life) fashion show, way back when she was in the up and coming selection of peeps in New Zealand fashion week many years ago. She always has a strikingly feminine touch to her designs that really works for me (I’m sure that’s her biggest concern). Her last few collections have also masterfully mixed in some masculine boxy cuts and bold colours to contrast the floaty fabrics and floral prints. But I really feel that her latest collection, Kalidoscope, Juliette is going back to her routes (yay). This fabulously aloof and feminine style to her clothes is captivating. I love the mostly muted tones (with a gorgeous “wow” print in navy and teal), I love the floral fabrics and more than anything I love the front split skirt.

I’m so glad that she has bought back some of the origins of her design because this side of Juliette is (in my opinion) what got her to where she is, and is her best asset as a New Zealand designer. I am not so glad that she doesn’t want to be featured in my weekly rag (New Idea) – because boy if she did, I would make sure every piece in these pictures made it into my pages.


JHo3All images from Juliette Hogan’s Faebook page.

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