It’s official, I’m old. Like really old.

On Tuesday the 20th of August I turned 25 (and my quarter life crisis went into over drive). Despite the overwhelming urge to give into my dying youth, slap on the slippers and head out to grab a thimble of fresh placenta (to banish my crows feet – duh), it has turned out to be an amazing week filled with food, love and wine (by wine I mean vodka). I feel so incredibly special.


My actual birthday with kicked off with a French feast at Petite Bocal (review coming soon), followed by a hike up Rangitoto and dinner at Sunday Painters (yes, yes, review coming on that one too). Shaun even made me a paleo friendly, sugar free carrot cake (seriously yum) and I convinced my entire family to play a game of celebrity guess who whilst polishing off a celebratory bottle (or two) of wine.


After the day of treats Shaun whisked me away for a short escape to Rotorua (a few hours from Auckland and known for its super smelly geothermal-ness). We spent two days relaxing; hitting up the local spa, eating (a rather large amount), horse riding and even zorbing! Upon arriving back in Auckland, my girlfriends whisked me out for a sneaky birthday drink and I came home to a full-blown surprise party (complete with excess party poppers and every one I love).


I can’t say enough about how wonderful the boy was (is). Between creating a perfect day on the 20th, to taking me away, to planning a brilliant surprise party. He made me feel so loved and I simply couldn’t have asked for more.

And here is the kicker. I feel like I learnt something this week (exactly what you don’t want to be doing when you are off – learning shit).

I learnt that I really like the way I am living my life right now. I really, really like it. Some people may think that the sugar free/grain free/dairy free/processed free way I eat is extreme, but it makes me (and my body) feel great. The battle each morning to get up at the crack of dawn to fit in a workout is a tough slog, but once it is done and dusted, it’s amazing (and the endorphins are flowing all day). This week off (I haven’t run, gym-ed or even looked at what I have been shoving into my gob for 6 days straight) has been fun, but it has also been and eye opener (and seriously hard on my stomach). I’m excited to hit the ground running (literally), get back to a paleo palette and feeling incredible come tomorrow.

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