Despite the heat here in NZ, and the rather intimidatingly hot weather that will greet me off the plane tomorrow (yes, I said tomorrow… and yes I’m freaking out about it). All I can think about (mostly because I prescribe to the theory of “if your scared of something, ignore it and it will go away”), is what I will face when I finally finish my round the world adventures, and land in Europe.

Having lived in Auckland for 13 years, one thing I’ve very rarely needed is a coat. This will no longer be the case as I gear up for British winters (hell, even British summers). And to be honest? I bloody love dressing for the chilly seasons. Don’t get me wrong, hot sunny weather is great, but in winter I physically get to wear more clothes – win.

Drowning in cashmere, swaddled in chunky knits and investing in buttery soft leather as I sip on my Monday morning coffee – the life inside my head right now is pretty damn perfect.

What would complete the winter wonderland I’m creating is an all-engulfing coat. The kind that’s pretty much a dress, is very much oversized and looks best with a chunky belt (think Coco Chanel styles). I recon coats like this, in either bold prints or scream-your-head-off loud colours, will be big for winter months to come.

MondayCoats2 MondayCoats3

With a backpack filled to the brim with flip flops, tanks and shorts, I’m well and truly terrified of the heat wave I’m spending the next two months playing in. So, in line with my amazing avoidance theory, I’m dreaming of nestling up by the fire, and falling into a coat (that will probably be bigger than my London apartment).

MondayCoats4 MondayCoats5 MondayCoats6




So, I am not going to muck around – this morning it’s bloody cold.

Now bare in mind I live in Auckland, and it’s summer, so by “bloody cold” I probably mean “like an average day in a English summer”. But for my delicate, New Zealand acclimatised body, it’s freaking freezing. I am filling up on hot teas and have yet to actually remove my coat despite being in the office for over four hours.

With that in mind, and my mind wandering to the days of London living that is sneaking up fast, my head is filled with cable knit dreams.


I don’t know if it’s the British buried deep inside me, or if I am just a very strange lady, but I love winter.

I love the feeling of coming in from a winters day, cold to my core, and swaddling myself in layer after layer of knitwear, clasping a hot mug of something (anything – because I will likely just clutch it between my hands until it cools rather than actually drink it) and watch bad American sitcom reruns on TV.

It sounds like bliss, and it’s where I want to be right this second.

Maybe a lunchtime trip to the shops in search of an appropriate cardi will cure my Monday morning blues!



I ran in the rain.


Just a quick update (if you didn’t get that from the friendly feline above).

This morning I went for a run. It was my longest so far (12k) and although I did it, it was slow and bloody tough. I’m pretty sure mother nature reads my blog (hey there) because she made my last running post come true, and I ran in the rain. It was drizzling at first and I thought “hell yeah I can do this” (I’m such a tough guy – right? Wrong). Then, at almost exactly half way, the clouds opened up and torrential rain hit. Rain and super cold wind that happened to be gusting right into my face. Not pleasant. Not encouraging. But I did it. So, I not only ran my longest distance, I ran it in the worst weather conditions I ever have. It doesn’t really feel like a win (it just feels cold and damp), but now I have done that, maybe the next run won’t be so tough. Fingers crossed.

Gosh do I hope I never live in a really cold country (I might actually have to stop being a total baby). I’m lucky to live in the pretty damn toasty Auckland, New Zealand. If I ever find myself in Oymyakon (Russia), I think I will have to take up a new sport. Like competitive vodka drinking.

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